2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS – Full GLS 600 Review

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welcome to Maroc36 King as you
can see this is the Maybach GLS and in
today’s video I will show you the
complete exterior interior and the
quality inside it has an exclusive
two-tone exterior color the robot is red
and the Obsidian black and it is divided
by a pencil stripe alongside the
exterior with a gorgeous Maybach emblem
on the rear see pillar I’ve got the key
right here with a special white cover
the Maybach emblem on the backside and
besides the running board that flips out
this Maybach GLS has a lot more
characteristics that I will show you
later on in the video
the front is just gorgeous such a great
design the Maybach and a GLS form is
like a dream car for most people it has
chrome details here at the front bumper
just like the Maybach s-class and the
vertical mybo front grille with a closed
part for the Distronic plus and it says
here and the center Maybach and for the
first time on the SUV a Mercedes star on
the top of the hood the multi beam LED
come in a standard and it really has a
great presence the lower part of the
bumper is actually glossy black the same
paint as the exterior still some of
Rhodes elements such as the lower bumper
the Maybach GLS is available as a
four-seater with two exclusive seats in
the rear but also as a five-seater
so let’s move over to the side of the
car and here you can notice it is very
long five meters and 21 centimeters the
height is around two wrong meters and
85 centimeters furthermore some more
Maybach chrome elements here on the
b-pillar very thick just like the
s-class mybo as well as the side skirt
which is chrome with a glossy black
design which matches the exterior color
it has the multi-spoke 23 inch Maybach
worms with a Mercedes style that sticks
out and it also has the Maybach emblem
on both sides you can notice from the
spokes that it is the same design as the
front grille as well as the running
board the rear tire size is 325 so a
little bit wider than the front tires on
the c-pillar you can notice the Maybach
emblem and this one is 130 percent
compared to the s-class my ball emblem
and in that way it fits perfectly to the
GLS body and it has a gorgeous veer the
Maybach lettering on the left side with
a specific Maybach typo as well as the
GLS 600 on the right side here you can
also notice the characteristics such as
the chrome part down here a new Maybach
design tail pipe with a chrome line
within and of course the new design
taillights for the SUV family so let’s
have a look at the turn capacity
it opens automatically and there you can
see it has a lot of space with the heart
top cover and it also feels very soft
from the inside this is to protect the
VIP passengers for the noise coming
inside a large fridge which diminishes
the turn capacity but it still has
around 510 liters of trunk volume
similar to the s clause
you can notice the wood on the rare top
with Burma surround sound system and it
kind of gives a waterfall feeling some
additional storage space so let’s go to
the trunk and you have a look at the
interior soft closing doors of course
there it has the maybach front of the
GLS as well as the that’s ring with a
gorgeous mercedes tour on the top I
would just press the button for the
electronics to work and beautiful
ambient lighting with the high ends
Burmester surround sound system and the
Maybach emblem on the center display
screen the first thing that I noticed is
the hand rest it has a Maybach emblem on
it and it is of wood it used to be
leather just like in every other
Mercedes Benz here on the steering wheel
it has the emblem and the lettering on
the bottom and it has the new Maybach
display infotainment system just like
you have for the AMG even the gas pedal
and the brake of the Maybach emblem and
the wall interior has great quality
mocha brown with a white combination
brown stitching and there is no plastic
in the core it is all not
leather even the roof horizontal lines
at the door trim and two can adjust the
seats in many different race including
the headrest down and up and you can
already notice the ambient lighting just
alongside the panoramic roof and not to
mention the rear seats they are amazing
storage space and you can leave your
phone there for wireless charging this
is the dynamic select you can change the
dynamic driving characteristics and
there’s also a special Maybach boat the
suspension is even softer and the
comfort level is amazing it has the
Maybach vertical chrome lines in the air
vents and here you can already see how
the visible mobile looks like vehicle
navigation system you can actually zoom
out with the touchpad but it also can be
controlled for the infotainment system
screen so currently we are in Germany so
tell me guys where are you from
so let’s start the engine
so let’s have a look at what is under
the bonnet of the Maybach GLS there it
a v8 producing 558 horsepower it takes
it from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in
less than five seconds keep in mind that
this car weighs two thousand and six
hundred kilograms it has 750 Newton
meters of torque and with the EQ boost
it delivers an additional 22 horsepower
and 250 Newton meters of torque taking
this car from zero to 100 kilometres an
hour in just five seconds so let’s close
the bonnet beautiful story
so let’s have a look at the back seats
soft closing doors and believe it or not
but the rear seats are the most
important part of this mercedes maybach
GLS it has the exclusive center console
extension all the way to the where just
like the s clause and the S clause is
extended with a few centimeters so it is
around five meters and 45 centimeters
and this Maybach is 5 meters 21
centimeters but it does have a lot more
space I’m actually laying down and you
can adjust the seats here on the rear it
has the newest infotainment system
screens so let’s press the button there
it says Maybach and you also have a
tablet over here you can control
everything in this car including the
seats navigation system and the
temperature settings you can connect ith your iphone let’s push it back it
also has the airplane tables
just like in the s clause
you can also rotate it so it’s easy for
you to work with your laptop for example
this is a new concept for my book with
two glass holders it also has a large
fridge and with the ambient lighting
mercedes maybach has tried to make a
cocon feeling so it actually goes all
around you behind you and it connects at
the end you can control the windows with
these buttons and as you can see it has
a sunshade not only here on the side but
also behind you and that is to protect
you from the light because the seats are
a little bit more to the back compared
to the standard GLS and also more to the
middle so you have more arm space and
you can easily sit here in the back
seats it has a great seating position
higher than all the cars and the great
interior Burma suspension system the
high end with the ambient lighting
around it you can also close the
panoramic roof in one port furthermore
it has USB C connectivity and a
champagne gloss
my book emblem here at the front seat on
the same position as you saw on the s65
video with the AMG emblem .

  • Command Online Navigation System
  • AMG line exterior and interior
  • Distronic Plus with Active Lane Keeping Assist and Steering Assist
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Ambient Lighting interior
  • Ventilated and heated seats
  • LED intelligent light sytem
  • AIRMATIC Suspension
  • Park assist PARKTRONIC
  • Head up display
  • Keyless – Go Comfort
  • Burmester Surround Sound System
  • Memory seats
  • Thermotronic airco
  • Airbalance Parfume

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