Maroc36 Tech: The World’s Largest 8K OLED!

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hey what’s up guys I’m Kip EFT here and
welcome back to Maroc36 tech I’m super into
doing more of these especially for 2020
but while we’re wrapping up 2019 let’s
just get right into it so dope Tech is
for some of the most awesome incredible
or just fun or interesting pieces of
tech that I’ve discovered or bought or
had an experience with that I think
you’re worth sharing and the first one
that I’m going to share with you guys is
this guy you might have seen it it’s the
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 it’s the Star
Wars Edition Note 10 might think I’m
just into it because it’s red and black
and I not gonna lie this that’s a part
of why I’m into it but this is really a
super legitimate Star Wars themed phone
like we’ve seen a lot of special edition
phones over the years and in fact I have
a video coming up of a pretty wild
special edition phone that’s unlike
anything I’ve ever seen before but this
one really fully leans into the dark
side of the Star Wars universe right
from the unboxing experience so all
leaves actually lose unboxing video
linked in the description because he did
a really good one and then when you get
to the phone itself they really went
next level there’s a red ring around the
camera and the buttons as you can see
that’s pretty basic but then you’ve got
the logo of the first-order around the
back and then in the software itself
there’s a dark theme it comes with a
wallpaper of the red and black helmet
and even the sounds the phone makes are
all very Star Wars II now I typically
mute my phone like as soon as I take it
out the box I don’t use the sounds but
if you want to be this guy on the subway
you can be this guy but really the
cherry on top is the stylus the stylus
is red like kylo Ren’s lightsaber I
think it looks pretty sick and now you
can feel like some type of Jedi when
you’re using the air commands with the
red lightsaber stylus and when you pull
it out the phone every single time it’s
gonna make you feel like you’re pulling
out a lightsaber and putting it back so
they really thought a lot about this I
think a lot of people are going to see
the movie right about now so this is
something they’ve gotten really into but
I’m just really excited for next year’s
potentially high refresh rate
galaxy note 11 but that’s beside the
point the point is this is a special
edition phone and I think they’ve done a
really good job with it
star wars edition note 10 all right next
up color wear is finally shipping

they’re painted air pods pros so if
you’ve watched the channel for a while
you’ve known about color wear I’ve
talked about them by how they precisely
take apart repaint customize and put
back together various electronics and
new stuff as it comes out so as soon as
the air pods pros got announced I
immediately turn to them and I was like
are you guys gonna do the thing where
you paint the air pods pros and they
said yep so now here they are and of
course they’ll do any color they have a
bunch of colors on our site but I have
to go with matte black everything here
because I mean Who am I really matte
black case here matte black earbuds and
you know I’m just into making them
really hard to find if I lose them so
the things that aren’t painted are the
inside of the case which I don’t think
is that big of a deal and then the
rubber tips on the earbuds of course
which means you’re gonna have this sort
of contrast now between whatever color
you paint the air pods and the actual
rubber tips making them look that much
more like a Pokemon now I’m gonna share
a video in the description of someone
who sort of did this themselves with air
pods and plated them gold and
surprisingly put them all back together
and got them to be fully functional that
is more of a super-fun artistic video
that I think is worth checking out but
it’s just sort of impressive to admire
that these still work the squeeze
function and the tip still works the air
channel passed through the impressive
noise cancellation everything is just
about how you’d expect just a new color
I think really the main reason you have
them painted is so that they look
different in your ears the case is sort
of a nice bonus so you can also get this
painted so if you have more than one on
a table you know which one’s ear is
immediately but yeah the look in your
ears what you’re doing it for so my ear
pods pros are matte black now no regrets
I’ll make sure to link these and and
everything else I talked about in this
video in the description right below
that like button okay next up is this
guy so big shout out to Rene Richie for
cluing me into this this was his
favorite piece of tech in that big
end-of-the-year collab we did for
favorite tech of the year .

this is the
oculus quest so this is a standalone VR
headset so you might have seen something
like the oculus rift which requires a PC
to plug into or you might have seen
something along
of like slotting your phone into one
where the phone does all the powering
all the display this is sort of a happy
medium in between those so this is the
headset and you might have seen some
others that look somewhat like it oh my
god I’m in the world already but there’s
a couple different sensors built into
the outside of it so there’s no trackers
that have to be placed around the room
or the space you’re in and the headset
itself it’s got the adjustable headband
and everything about it gets you nice
and snug as you’d expect and thankfully
it charges via USB type-c it also has
speakers built in and they’re pretty
close to your ears so you don’t need
headphones but what they’ve done is they
tossed in some headphone jacks I want to
say Jax I’m being plural it has two one
on each side and so you can use your own
headphones and get really immersed so I
was playing these with noise cancelling
headphones on top of the headset so
that’s like that next extra step to get
really immersed in this world but the
difference maker for this quest is since
there’s no trackers you can just get to
an open area whatever room you want to
be in set this thing up and you’re just
sort of free to move around in this
world with this battery-powered headset
on and the setup is actually really sick
you put it on in an area that you’re not
configured in yet and the sensors on the
outside light up and essentially give
you this pass-through so now I can see
the camera hi and lets you draw the
space that you’re in literally around
you as like a safe zone they call it a
guardian so once you’ve drawn that
outline then you have that room to move
around and it keeps track of it puts up
the virtual walls calibrates the floor
and you’re set and then once you’re into
the gaming it is still really impressive
to my eye well it’s not perfect latency
is still pretty low frame rates are high
it does a pretty good job of filling my
field of view and I was impressed with
basically how well it stayed tracked and
I’d never really noticed it losing
positioning at all and I really like the
controller’s too so the ring around the
the buttons they help you stay
positioned and based on what buttons
you’re holding and what your fingers are
doing the hands in the game will mimic
like exactly what your hands are doing
in real life down to the finger position
so of course I had a great time playing
some of my favorite VR games beat Sabre
and super hot
right at the top I would like the first
ones I recommend for anyone trying to
play these I’m gonna go ahead and try a
bunch of new ones now that I have this
since there’s like 50 more titles in the
oculus store but yeah you can just
download the oculus app on your phone
and then add them one by one to your
library and try them out so that’s what
I’m gonna do but I got really into this
I think this would be an incredible
last-second gift for someone that you
really really like so if you’re still in
that gift shopping mode I’ll have a link
below so of course big shout out to Rene
for recommending this and a huge thanks
to oculus for sponsoring

8k OLED TV made by LG so as you can tell
it’s brand new we just got it in the
studio and holy crap is it impressive so
a couple quick facts number one it is
the largest OLED display currently in
production that you can actually buy
right now at 88 inches diagonally and
number two it’s 8k which means it’s 7680
across by 43 20 down which makes this
total 33 million pixels that means this
is a 33 mega pixel screen so there’s
already a lot of good-looking 4k
displays in 4k OLED everywhere no doubt
this is clearly next level but it’s also
not going to be maximized by pretty much
anyone the current version of HDMI
doesn’t support 8k through a single
cable there’s almost no 8k content on
TVs or on YouTube or Netflix or anything
like that so getting something like this
today for the 30 thousand dollars that
it costs definitely makes it more of a
high-end statement piece but also like
clearly bleeding edge but even knowing
all that it’s still really impressive to
look at because number one it’s huge I
think even an 88 inch 4k OLED will look
incredible but it’s just a massive panel
but then also number two while we’re
sort of waiting for all this 8k stuff
this thing is gonna do its best to
upscale and make sub 8k content look
better if you go on LG’s website to see
how this works it’s not super scientific
or explanatory you know there’s some
obvious processing involved they have
two diagrams with two levels of
enhance enhance enhance enhance enhance
but what matters at the end is the
results and these speak for themselves
and obviously you’re watching this
through my camera and then through
youtube processing and then through your
screen so there’s almost no way you can
fully appreciate what we’re looking at
here but even through all that I feel
like you can get the idea that the
brightness and the contrast and the
colors and just the sheer size and
resolution of this TV are on another
level it costs as much as a car you know
but for people who are into tech they
might just want this more than a car and
that’s what makes it dope tech this is
only the second 8k display that’s ever
been in the studio the first one was
that Dell 8k monitor from a while back
which was the first one that I could
ever see the 8k footage we shoot on an a
case screen and that was incredible but
I mean an 88 inch screen is just
different a lot of the same funny quirks
happened here too if you plug in the 8k
display into a computer and try to game
at 8k scaling can be weird with some
games and most graphics cards will
refuse to cooperate but it’s still gonna
look great upscale
high-resolution thanks to LG’s tech and
I am very impressed that I can actually
tell the difference so there you have it
all I know is this is gonna make an
incredible first piece of tech to move
into the new studio space that we’re
planning for early 2020 and that is
really exciting but I think every dope
tech piece on this list earns its spot
here for its own reason so that’s been

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